Granite Countertops

When it comes to quality granite at the most competitive pricing in Portland and surrounding areas look no further. Here at COMPANY NAME we specialize in granite countertops and will beat any written estimate while providing you with our highest priority of outstanding craftsmanship. COMPANY NAME works directly and closely with the largest granite distributors in Oregon and Washington for more than a decade and have established unbeatable pricing that we pass on to you. Our dedicated team is committed to the philosophy of providing general contractors and homeowners with exquisite products, professional fabrication & installation with a fast turnaround time. Most kitchen installations are completed in  one to two days (upon material availability) so choose your granite color today and enjoy your dream kitchen now.

The difference in prices from one stone to another is attributed to two main factors:

1. The location of the quarry – where it is cut from the earth and therefore the transportation cost to the factory for further cutting, shaping and polishing.

2. The Uniqueness to the stone – the colors, shades and pattern to the stone of that quarry. If these features are found to be desirable and marketable it can command a higher price. Widely available deposits that are mined by many companies result in greater supply and therefore lower prices.



Granite Repair Services

Our experienced granite fabricators in most cases are able to repair cracks, scratches and bad seams by polishing the surface of the granite to perfect shine even on darker slabs of granite.

 Surface & crack repairs: With color match material provided by the original fabricator, cracks can be repaired with virtual invisibility. On the rare occasion that non color match material must be used, we will get together and agree on the material to be used before any repair work takes place.

Undermount sink replacement:  Sometimes solid surface sinks will get cracked or damaged and need to be replaced. We can remove the old sink and replace it with an identical new sink. If you would like a totally different sink as a replacement then we can do that as well.

 Retro fitting of appliances and sinks: When sinks or stove tops or other appliances installed since they first had their countertops installed. With the purchase of new stoves or cooktops some cutout dimensions may need to be changed to accommodate the new items. We can make cutouts larger or smaller depending on the specific requirements.


We look forward working with you, call us or fax/e-mail your project plans for free estimate.


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